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Colour / finish
Not available 1979
Description Classic amp!! Very good opportunity!!
Valid for bass and guitar. Old Vintage tone Marshall: awesome crunch and very well for use with pedals. It has been compare with a new 1959 Plexi Superlead and this one is better by far.


# 4 EL34 Marshall by JJ power amp valves
# 3 12ax7 NOS preamp tubes (one is Mullard)
# 4 inputs valid for join two by two
# Impedance selector (4,8,16 ohm)
# Two outputs to cabinet

In very good condition with some marks of use. Revised with new power tubes by Beteramp in November of 2018.

Bill and three months guarantee included.
Price 1475 €
Trades? Yes, see TRADES Section
Case/Protection No
Product using Very Good

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