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Model PA 50watts
Colour / finish
Not available 1970
Description A serious amp. Carlsbro company use to use same parts of brands such as Marshall or Hi-Watt to make their amps.

This unit ia a point to point handmade and 100% tube P.A. amplifier from that period which give us possibility to use differents pedal chains in its different channels with a different gain setting and separate between them.

Its awesome sound inspirate me to play classic rock, use beatiful cleans or semisaturated sounds. A old Marshall sound could be a good description for this sound.


- Power: 50 watts
- Four channel with each gain control
- Controls: master, two eq bands plus presence and gain in each channel
- Power tubes: 2xEL34
- Preamp tubes: 3xECC83
- Original transformers

In very good condition for age. New BIAS circuit for adjusting tube paramaters and gain was increased to achieve more volume. Awesome original sound is the same. All of this, revised and ready to use by Pedro Vecino on April of 2018.

Bill and three months guarantee included.
Price 1000 €
Trades? Yes, see TRADES Section
Case/Protection No
Product using Very Good

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