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Description Matrix is the only splitter/switcher that allows musicians to control their equipment. Matrix is able to:

Buffer the signal of your guitar
Insert in chain 3 low level loops. Matrix loops are totally transparent and clickless
Split your signal to 4 completely balanced and galvanically separated outputs, by a very high quality multiwindings transformer. Each output (A, B,C, TUNER) defines a system that allows you to use heads, pre and power amps, tuner
Control the effect loops of your heads and/or of your pre and power amps, and insert up to 2 rack multieffects in mono or stereo mode
Control the power outputs of your heads and/or of your power amps sending them to 1 stereo speaker cabinet or to 2 mono speaker cabinets
Connect automatically an internal load to the systems not in use to avoid damages to your equipment
Set speaker system in mono or stereo mode (mono heads or stereo power amps)
Switch up to 3 functions for external outboard (channels, loops etc.
Supply phantom power to your foot pedal effects
Supply phantom power to your midi controller pedal, via a midi cable
Map the midi channels

Matrix is equipped with 4 loop cables (1 stereo to 2 mono jacks). All these functions are achieved by a fast and reliable custom microprocessor. Every component has been carefully chosen for each own application. All the loops have been designed to allow the best performance with every kind of effects. For all these reasons Matrix is unique in its kind. you can use it in all those situations a high switching ability is required, with no interference and noise.


Low noise transparent buffered HI/Z input
3 fast SSL lo-level loops, for foot pedal effects
4 floating transformer balanced LO/Z outputs 3 systems (A, B, C) for heads and/or pre and power amps
2 hi-level loops, for rack multieffects 3 NO or NC switches (for external controls)
2 switchable impedance speaker systems (8/16 Ohms)
9 Vdc / 200 mA phantom power for foot pedal effects
12 Vdc / 300mA phantom power for midi controller
Switching: manual/MIDI
Weight: 2 Kg
Size: 1 Rack U / depth 20 cm

In very good condition with some signs of use. It´s for sale because nowadays we don´t use.
Price 500 €
Trades? Yes, see TRADES Section
Case/Protection No
Product using Very Good

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