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Description Small P.A. from one owner only. It is for sale because owner will not use anymore.


- 1 x Mixing desk: Soundcraft EFX8 (one plastic of pot is missing). Original cardboard box included. (8 mono inputs, 2 stereo inputs, Lexicom integrated effects with 32 presets)
- 2 x Powered speakers dB Technologies Opera 715 DX with original cardboard boxes included (Power output: 700 W, woofer: 15´´, tweeter: 1´´)
- 1 x Powered speaker dB Technologies Opera 512 DX with original cardboard box included (Power output: 400 W, woofer: 15´´, tweeter: 1´´)
- 2 x Microphones Shure SM-58 with softcase (one with clamp, another don´t have)
- 1 x Direct Injection Behringer Ultra DI with original cardboard box and papers included
- Wires
- 2 x Mic stands(they only have one part for hold in turning but it is valid for both and it is possible hold both with this part)
- 2 x Speakers Stand Millenium (they have broke system to hold to speakers but it is possible use without them. It is not very important part)
- Soft case for stands

In good condition. All items have been tried by Kitarshokak before this advertisement in the same way we do always.
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