Another guitar provided for a Kitarshokak´s customer. The client in question wanted to get this guitar but did not have the money to buy it. That’s where Kitarshokak comes in, offering you the chance to do it. He is a trusted client with whom I also collaborates regularly. Kitarshokak is always willing to listen to needs and help as much as possible.

Strictly speaking about the instrument, this SG sounds sing-song, interesting, with the possibility of magic happening although it asks me for more time with it to extract melodies from its bowels. It is comfortable to play although the rosewood fingerboard has not appealed to me too much. This sensation sounds like other Gibson guitars that I know to me, I have them cataloged in my memory.

The amplifier is a ’59 Fender Bassman from the year 90 with vintage tubes in the preamp and rectifier. Guitar, amp and cable.

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