Our treatment is personalized so you will need to contact us in advance to agree on the date and time of a previous appointment. Our schedule is flexible. Book your appointment here: Contact form

We just stay with you and dedicate our time to assist you. We are not an usual store where many buyers can enter at the same time, your time will be only for you.

You have one hour to test your article. That is why we recommend coming with the clearest possible ideas since if the item you have come to buy is not purchased or the time exceeds that hour we will charge our time at a rate of € 25 for the first hour and € 20 for the remaining hours (VAT not included) within our initiative of advice, learning and enjoyment of Vintage Gear Tour. The idea is dedicate time only to serious buyers like you.

It goes without saying that the operating conditions of the article will have to be the same as item´s description. If that is not the case, money will not be charged logically.

In addition, if it is your first time in Kitarshokak, we will give you a short guided tour to show you our backline, facilities and projects in which we are immersed at the time of your visit.



These questions are not included in our prices. Detailed below:

National shipments (except Canaria Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. Ask by request.). Approximate prices for a national (Spain) shipment by agency 24 hours (approximate and depending on the specific time and the agency) with packaging and handling included:

  • Small package (pedals, accesories, one or two units racks…): 12-19€
  • Medium package (guitars, amp heads, amp combos…)35-55€
  • Big package (cabinets, basses, drums…): 50-120€

Consult to confirm.

International deliveries. We also ship globally. Contact us indicating what item it is, your city, postal code and country. We will respond to you as soon as possible. The buyer is responsible for the surcharges that Customs may set on the item + shipping when the package enters the destination country. Please, check the regulations of your country in relation to Spain before placing an international order from outside the European Union. Kitarshokak will carry out the export procedures for which it will request an official identification document of the buyer: DNI, passport, ID Tax, etc … without this it will be impossible to carry out the Customs paperwork and it could delay the shipment or that returned. IN CASE OF RETURN BY CUSTOMS, KITARSHOKAK WILL CHARGE THE AMOUNT THAT IT DEEMS NECESSARY BASED ON THE WORK, TIME AND EFFORT THAT IT HAS TAKEN TO COMPLETE THE PROCEDURES FOR ITS SHIPPING.

Our packaging is handmade & reused. They are functional, resistant and seriously made but  you do not expect a new packaging with a smell of a new product… Our smell is of the authentic thing! We put faith in the reusing of the material ahead of the appearance issues. The most important thing is that it arrives safely! Remember that our items are second-hand, with a lot of history and mojo in many cases. Our packaging provides the perfect tandem

Terms of Use

If any problem happen in the shipment, we will mediate with the carrier and ask you for evidence that shows the problem: videos, pictures, serial numbers or any other characteristic of the article … so it will be very important to check the article once received and if there is something that is not okay, you will have to check how the packaging is. You need to keep the packaging as well.

It is important to bear in mind that the shipping prices proposed by Kitarshokak do not include insurance for the total amount, so if you want to insure an item for its total amount, you must notify us to do so explicitly. The mishaps of the shipping services are not very common (in addition our packaging is done seriously) so we do not think the need to include insurance for the total amount in our shipping prices although KITARSHOKAK WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT MAY HAPPEN IN A SHIPMENT NOT INSURED FOR THE FULL AMOUNT.


The pictures are the best description of the condition of each item. They are photos taken with good resolution and you can zoom in to see all the details. However, the status will be reflected in the description of each item as support and as a guideline as follows:

  • New: never used
  • Excelent: practically new although with some small sign of use
  • Very good: some signs of use but in good state
  • Good: many signs of use, but works well
  • Used: working well, but aged
  • Regular: something may not work well
  • Repair: repair and some parts needed, could be used as spare parts.


At Kitarshokak we offer the possibility of a payment in several installments. In the meantime you can sell your item or simply buy more relaxed. We usually give the option to do it in three months but this will be negotiated at the beginning depending on the total amount. At any time the completion of the payment can be advanced but in no case can it be delayed. The item will be collected or shipped at the end of the payment.


Cash, by deposit or bank transfer, Bizum and Paypal. Remember that we do NOT assume Paypal commissions (3.4% + € 0.35). We do NOT assume a lower value for currency exchange nor do we assume the loss of money for a refund of money with currency exchange.

The articles are sent once the payment has been cleared in our bank or PayPal account. We do not advance shipments without having the money in one of our accounts.


We give a one-year warranty on all items that we own except speakers and tubes, which do not include warranty. In the heads that are sold without cabinet and speaker wire, we also do not give a guarantee of the input transformer because it is a fault that is usually caused by a bad connection or malfunction between the head, wire and / or cabinet, for which we cannot be responsible if this is not checked by us.

We do not give a guarantee on the items in which we manage the sale (of which we are not the owners). In said articles, we will mediate between the owner and the buyer with the necessary actions to take in the first 15 calendar days after receiving the article.


We give 7 calendar days from deliver of the item for its return.

If the reason for return is that it does not meet what the buyer thought, 10% will be charged for restocking (minimum of € 20) and the return shipping will have to be paid by buyer. The money will be refunded within the next 15 calendar days after receiving the item at our facilities. We need that time to check that everything is like when it was shipped. If by any chance it will be observed that the item in question has been used or abused (not a simple test), it will be priced as if it was a rental and based on the days of use, kind of item in question and our current rates of rental.

If the reason for the return is a failure or a different operation than that indicated in the description, the appropriate actions will be taken to know what has happened and define if Kitarshokak is responsible or not. If it is decided that Kitarshokak is responsible and the customer does not want to keep it, the money will be refunded within 15 calendar days after receiving the item at our facilities. If it is defined that Kitarshokak is not responsible, the buyer must pay for the necessary actions that could have been taken to verify what happened: tech service, shipping, etc … The resolution of the responsibility will be given by the tech service that Kitarshokak chooses in every moment and with the greatest objectivity explaining to both sides the reason for any resolution. The return shipment or shipments that may be necessary for the repair will only be paid for by Kitarshokak in case the responsibility for the repair will be from Kitarshokak.

In case that the customer decides to keep the item in question although the funcionement would not be as indicated in the description of said item, Kitarshokak will be responsible for the repair and related costs (shipping, etc …) through its technical service (if it is responsible for it) or may mediate and assist in said repair if both Kitarshokak and the buyer think it is appropriate (if it is determined that the failure has occurred due to the buyer’s negligence).


Using Kitarshokak’s services, whatever they will be, this implies acceptance of the conditions defined on this website.

Terms of Use


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