Why buy in Kitarshokak?

At Kitarshokak we do not intend to remain a mere intermediary service or simply offer the cheapest price without any added value (remember that usually the cheapest is often at last transformed in expensive). We will always look for your complicity, knowing your sound, assuming your needs and advising you on the best options to reach a successful conclusion based on our experience.

Our items available for purchase at our facilities are always tested on arrival, tested before being posted, and retested before being packed or purchased on-site. Any error that is susceptible to revision or to be included in the description will be fixed or detailed in the advertisement itself so that all interested customers know at all times what they are buying. The pictures beside of the description of articles are original of the articles in question and in the condition in which they are delivered (they are part of the description) since we treat the articles individually (in Kitarshokak each article for sale is unique, not a clone of a serie of thousands). It is also important to note that we surround ourselves with experienced professionals to fine-tune our items and we also include the possibility of return and we give guarantees. Check our conditions.

These are some of the reasons why we think it is interesting to have in mind Kitarshokak:

  • Second-hand items: a new life for an item that is not used to encourage reusing (more echological than recycling).
  • Better quality of the instrument in many cases: In addition to this it is known that the instruments of certain periods are made conscientiously and made to still standing being much more inspiring than the current ones in general.
  • Improvement in the price: you will save money that you can use to other items or to modify / improve the article of purchase, tune it to your liking, etc … and if you had a problem in the future it is a cushion of money for an eventual breakdown.
  • Little or no devaluation of the price paid: in many cases buying second hand represents an investment with very little loss in case of resale. Relax and enjoy, it’s not something you can calm down when you buy something new …

In any case, it is best that you know what our own clients think of ourselves. 😉 : Client testimonials and Google reviews

Why buy in Kitarshokak?

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