Celestion Greenbacks from 60s

These days we have received a very curious Marshall cabinet from the 60s, which includes the first Celestion Greenback that were manufactured, the G12M-20, manufactured for a few years and which come to replace the Celestion Alnico that were mounted on the Marshall cabs before these with the JTM45 (and maybe some other models). It is a Marshall PA 4×12. Well, after testing them with the Fender Stratocaster SRV and Gibson Les Paul R6 and comparing them with other Greenback, G12M-25, also manufactured at that time of manufacture although from ´73, on a Marshall 4×12 ´68 screen, I have seen how A Marshall Plexi (from ´68 in this case, the one we have to rent outside or record in our studio among other services) goes
from sounding tough to sounding sweet and becomes an amplifier with a totally different character.

There I observe two things directly: that the sound of our ´63 AC30 is closely linked to its speakers (Celestion Blue Alnico ´63) and that these 20 watt Greenbacks sound the same way as those, sifting the aggressive character of the Plexi and taking you along softer paths such as
funk, blues, pop, classic rock… but with an unparalleled sweetness and nuance. Fall in love. And the second thing I see immediately with the SRV is that suddenly I find myself with a very Mark Knopfler sound and that´s when I question whether that Plexi from the 60s that I see in a
Knopfler recording would not be used with some of these speakers. Because of course, I was also one of those who thought that the important thing was the amp and the speakers, bah… some cheap ones and that´s it. When really all the sound of an ELECTRIC guitar comes out through them…

They sound so sing-song that the resulting sound with the SRV reminds me a lot of the vibe that came with the Fender L Series Stratocaster that I had last year and that Tony Waka bought. The Hendrix thing appears there too. Needless to say, you have the cab available both to rent outside the studio and to record, test it, enjoy it… in our studio. And all of this in Eibar, Gipuzkoa, without it being London, New York, Madrid or Paris and from person to person, from artisan to artisan, from musician to musician, from sybarite to sybarite and from aftertaste to aftertaste, without red carpets. Of course, since we love them so much, we will never put them with a 100 watt Plexi at 10 without a attenuator or with it as a only cab. Use and enjoy yes, break and damage no.

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