FAQ (Frecuently Asked Questions)


Kitarshokak is an initiative of services related with music world which are offer online, in its facilities and/or at customer´s facilities, which includes shop services (purchase-sale-exchange), rental, recording studio and other services such as advice on purchasing an instrument, sound improvement of a musician or band, arrangements and pre-productions for recordings, etc…
At Kitarshokak we offer a global point of view for you: from the purchase or sale of an instrument, advice of your sound, to how you can get better in a band, a recording, etc…these are situations and experiences that we know and we want them to be the tools with which we can help you to make a better, more appropriate and pleasant musical way.
Encompassing everything that it encompasses and with our personal character, yes, we think it is. There are websites, shops, studios… that provide certain services that we provide, but not in the global way that we do in Kitarshokak.

Our objective is to be able to transmit you the global vision that Kitarshokak has give opportunity us to learn, among which is the learning and interpretation of an intrument in individual and band environments, composition & sound in individual and band environments, pre-production and production of songs or recording of all of them, from 0 to as far as we can go. Along the way, we (you & us) will have to know what method to use, what way to follow, what instrument to buy, how you need to be prepared for recording, etc…

We also don’t know today, in 2022, anyone internationally that gives the opportunity to play, test & learn with our backline the way we do on our Vintage Gear Tour.
If we want and yearn for something in Kitarshokak, it is to feel valued, so haggling is not the way to do it. We want to be strict, honest and sincere in these matters: Kitarshokak’s prices are not negotiable, neither are our guarantees or attention offered to customers .

“If we want music and musicians to be valued, let’s start by valuing ourselves”
Yes, we have a physical space which is a recording studio where you could test & buy instruments, learn advices related with gear, sound, etc…, produce your songs… regardless of whether you annoy anyone or anyone annoy you. You will have to make an appointment in advance for this. Contact us through our usual channels.
We always attend by appointment, so it is necessary to arrange one at least 24 hours in advance. You can contact us through our usual channels. Our treatment is personalized, we only stay with concrete customer and we dedicate our time to advising and helping in the test. We are not a usual shop where many buyers can enter at the same time, your time will be only for you. We recommend coming with the clearest possible ideas. If you want clear your mind you can contact us in advance to determine what you have been interested in fits you. Our operating conditions are related to the personal character that we dispense. One hour of trial is available for the article in question. If the item you have come to buy is not purchased, we will charge our time at the rate of €25 for the first hour and €20 for the following hours (if you take more than one hour) within the Vintage Gear Tour initiative, as if you had come to try any other item from our extensive sales and rental catalog and/or ask us for advice in this regard. The idea is to make the most of your time to dedicate it only to serious and committed buyers like you. In addition, in this way we are free to advise our clients without ties to any brand which commits us to say things that are not. Good advice on time will save you a lot of money. It goes without saying that the conditions of the item to be purchased will have to meet those indicated in the description. If that is not the case, no money will logically be charged unless an advisory service has been carried out. Our telephone service time is from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and you can reach us by calling +34 665 732 640 (whatsapp), web chat and e-mail. If we do not answer you at the moment we will return your call, email, watsapp…as soon as we can. In addition of working days we also make prior appointments on weekends, holidays, depending on our personal life and/or service work schedule and notifying us in advance.


In the Kitarshop area you could buy, sell and exchange in a reliable, secure, professional way, with guarantees and at reasonable prices. You have three different sections for it: Buy, Sell, Trade specialized each one in the sense in which it is indicated in their names.

Instrument deals between individuals always carry certain risks and making a successful transaction requires dedication. If the purchase is made remotely, it is difficult to really know what you are going to find when you open the packaging. Our honesty and commitment are some of our characteristics so that transactions can be succesful. We will be with you for any possible eventuality that may happen.
In Kitarshokak our current philosophy is not to sell everything in mint and pristine condition, but rather to be as honest and clear as possible about what is being sold. There may be items from a pristine-new condition to items that do not work properly and that can be used by someone as a repair project, parts, etc… and we see no reason not to sell them and provide this type of service.
Pictures are the best description of the condition of each item. They are pictures made with good resolution and you can zoom in to see all the details. You can go into the write description of each article clicking in title. And if you want to know condition in a fast way we have a guide for it which will be indicated in write description of each article too:

New: never used

Excellent: practically new although with some signs of use

Very good: some signs of use but in good general condition

Good: quite a few signs of use but functionally good

Used: functionally well although aesthetically very used

Fair: functionally halfway, some functions might not work well

To repair: the title says so
To know which articles are the ones that accept trades, this information will be located in the description of each one. There will be three types of articles:

    • Articles that do not accept changes
    • Articles that accept changes and indicate what types of articles are accepted
    • Articles that accept changes but they aren´t wrote in description. You will have to visit the Kitarshop/Trade/Kitarshokak Trades section to find out which are the accepted changes
You can also visit the Kitarshop/Sell/Kitarshokak Looks For section to find out what Kitarshokak customers have asked us to get for them in case it might fit as a change.
Yes, you always can although it will depend on what kind of item it is and the appraised value of the trade for we can accept it. We are costantly interested in classic and vintage guitar-related material such as heads, cabinets, combos, electric, acoustic guitars and pedals as well as microphones and recording studio equipment. Apart from them we looking for concrete articles and if you want to know what are they, you can go through the Kitarshop/Trade/Kitarshokak Trades section. On the other hand, we usually accept items that our customers have requested, so to find out about it, it would be best to go through the Kitarshop/Sell/Kitarshokak Looks For section.

The appraisal value will be taken into account that the item will be to be resold later, so the work is duplicated, so obviously, we do not accept items that are offered to us at the same resale price. Something logical but to take into account.

Naturally, we don’t completely close ourselves to anything, but keep in mind that we will value those articles that we do search over those that we don’t.


Our Backline is the result of the selection of many years of experience, of gear that has passed through our hands in which face-to-face comparisons have been a constant, knowledge of the gear used by great musicians and the recording history of comtemporary music, the search for the sound that transmits and does not mask…from which, starting from the skepticism of vintage, I have become a convinced lover and defender of all this, changing even my philosophy of outlook on life.

You will simply have the best of the best, well contrasted and compared and available for you both for recordings in our studio (in which the Backline is included in the rate price) and for use outside our facilities, either live, recording in other studio, tests with your group and gear at your rehearsal local, etc… You can also learn and enjoy all of it in our recording studio under very attractive conditions on our Vintage Gear Tour initiative. You can bring your article, compare it and draw conclusions from all of it, for example. Rent, learn, advise, teach, enjoy, record…everything you can think of.

The gear we offer is serious, professional and varied. We have the gear with which the most important recordings have been made worldwide and throughout history by great musicians (Hendrix, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Queen Of Stone Age, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Metallica… long etc…), which was & is the muse of his inspiration. And most importantly…AVAILABLE FOR YOU!!
This is a new service which I believe we are pioneers in offering. It is about taking a guided tour through our extensive Backline of instruments, amplifiers, cabinets, pedals, mics, preamps… in which you could try them, compare them with yours, learn to use them, enjoy them… and which is a unique and wonderful opportunity to try equipment which is impossible to test in a usual shop (because many items are vintage-original or/and are not manufactured today) and much less in the same place and at the same time.

You can know our Backline in the area with the same name.

You will learn about “the true” of vintage, understand the philosophy of Kitarshokak, etc…
Of course yes. Drums, amplifier, guitar… the part of the Backline that you need. As always, anticipation will be important. And the best thing is to reserve dates to avoid overlaps (upon payment to reserve). In any case, we remind you that you can also record in our recording studio, where you will not have to pay anything for the rental of the Backline that we have (except for drums cymbals and change of strings of instruments to record).
It is one of our services, so…of course! We call this initiative Vintage Gear Tour. You can know more about it in the Terms Of Use of Backline section.
Obviously yes, although it is important to treat it in advance and organize it properly so that we can offer you the equipment that best fits your needs. Contact us and we will study it together!
Perhaps yes. Everything is a matter of treating it in advance and organizing it properly. Consult us and we will see together if we can adapt to your needs.
At first is possible but as always we study each particular case. Depending on what it is, we could go ourselves with our backline or send it.


In Recording Studio what you will find will be a humble studio but with top quality gear and high commitment on our part in which getting to sound at a good quality level with a contained expense will be our most important objective. We don’t just stick to recording either, we try to contribute, improve…producing, arranging…so that what is, in our opinion, the main objective is fulfilled: trying to transmit emotions and if it can be to make the listener’s hair stand on end.
Yes, in Kitarshokak we have the gear to do it both at your rehearsal facilities or in live concert. It would only be necessary to add the cost and time used for displacement. You could reserve a date with a previous payment of an amount of money of total.
Yes, of course. In fact, it is the most recommended. Reserve of date will be made with the advance payment of the beginning.
Yes, we could manage all these services for you. It is best to treat everything in advance and organize it properly. We could manage to take pictures, videos, album covers, copies, etc… so that you can do all of this through us with more comfort and less waste of time on your side.
Of course…we are happy to help you and be part of your project. We will work on many aspects, from the interpretation & playing technique of an instrument to the architecture of the songs or the sound.
Yes, it is one of the services we offer. The reamplification will not only run through a certain amplifier, speaker or effect, but the chain will be completed by first level preamplifiers, microphones and compressors.
We would have to study each specific case to see if it is feasible for us to do so or if some improvements or changes would have to be made before mixing it, etc… In any case, we always recommend that you contact us before starting to record so that we can help you with the entire process, from composition and pre-production to final mastering, as there are problems that cannot be solved once the recording is done. It is always better to get ahead.


  • We have wide experience in the musical world, which gives us a global vision: from learning an instrument and its purchase, through its implementation in a music band and its composition to recording, mixing and editing of a performed project or its performance in a concert

  • Our customer testimonials support our good work and know-how. Click here to know them!

  • Our passion for music makes working around it will be enjoyable for us
It is one of the jobs we like to do the most: helping you with sound come to fruition. The layout of the instruments and amplifiers in your rehearsal facilities or in a live concert, the volume, playing technique, types of sound, etc… will be studied for us.
Some of our customers have contacted us to sell their instrument and after a telephone diagnosis and a visit to our studio they have finally decided not to do it… will this be your case? Matter of evaluating it.
We seriously believe in our philosophy that can be extrapolated to any section and way of operating in our lives. Our Backline has been an indispensable part of changing our way of thinking, which is why we find it interesting to offer the Vintage Gear Tour on an itinerant basis. An initiative that could be interesting for any City Council or cultural association that wants to make a difference by offering something never seen before. You will be able to listen and contrast the old and classic sounds and understand our philosophy in situ.


At Kitarshokak we offer the possibility of pay articles in comfortable installments without taxes. In the meantime you could sell your item or simply buy more relaxed. We usually give the option of doing it in three months but others options could be negotiated at the beginning depending on the total amount and the situation of the interested customer. The payment can be brought forward at any time, but in no case can it be delayed. Item can be picked up or shipped when total payment is cleared.
Yes. All our items are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase except for third party sales management items. This covers the same aspects that the original manufacturer’s warranty complied with (except tubes and speakers in amplifiers and input transformers in tube heads that have been sold alone without cabinet or charging cable).

In second-hand goods, the replacement of the product cannot be demanded, only its free repair within a reasonable period of time. If a reasonable repair is not possible, a reduction in the price or termination of the contract may be agreed.

Kitarshokak will request information in the way it deems appropriate to verify if the failure has been caused by a material defect or misuse.  Buyer will be obliged to provide this information, send the damaged item to a technician that Kitarshokak deems appropriate to verify the reason, etc…

In case of requiring the guarantee, the buyer must necessarily provide the purchase invoice.

For third-party sales management items, Kitarshokak offers a 15-day from deliver date mediation between owner and buyer (in which it retains the money paid for the item before it is paid to the owner). It is the term in which any problem of the article received  must be communicated. After that period, Kitarshokak will pay the owner and will be free to mediate in that purchase-sale. Kitarshokak, in the same way for its articles, will request information in the way it deems appropriate to verify if the failure has been caused by a material defect or misuse. The user will be obliged to provide this information, send the damaged item to a technician that Kitarshokak deems appropriate to verify the reason, etc…
We give 7 calendar days from receipt of the item for its return.

If the reason for the return is simply that it does not fit what the buyer thought, 10% will be charged for restocking (minimum of €25) and the return shipment will have to be paid for by the buyer. Money will be refunded within 15 calendar days after receiving the item at our facilities. We need that time to check that everything is as it was when it was sent. If by any chance it is observed that the item in question has been used or abused (not a simple test) it will be charged as if it were a rental and based on the days of use, type of item in question and our current rates of rental.

If the reason for the return is a failure or a different operation than that indicated in the description, the appropriate actions will be carried out to see what has happened and define whether Kitarshokak is responsible or not. If it is decided that Kitarshokak is responsible and the buyer does not want to keep it, the money will be refunded within 15 calendar days after receiving the item in our facilities. If it is determined that Kitarshokak is not responsible, the buyer must pay for the necessary actions that must have been taken to verify what has happened: technician, shipment, etc… The resolution of the responsibility will be given by the technical service that Kitarshokak chooses at each moment and with the greatest objectivity possible, explaining to both parties the reason for said resolution. The return shipment or shipments that may be necessary for the repair will only be paid for Kitarshokak in the event that the responsibility of the problem happened is of Kitarshokak.

In the event that the customer decides to keep the item in question, even if the funcionement is not as indicated in the description of said item, Kitarshokak will be responsible for the repair and related expenses (shipping, etc. …) through its technical service, if it is responsible for it, or may mediate and help in said repair, if both Kitarshokak and the buyer deem it appropriate, if it is defined that the problem occurred is responsability of buyer.

No. Our volume of business and personalized treatment do not allow us to include the shipping price or the packaging time in the sale price. You can know them clicking here.
No, it must be contracted separately and it is the buyer’s responsibility to do so. It will have to be consulted at the time of looking at the shipping price. We will send you the insurance offer together with the shipping price if you ask us to do so.

Although problems of damage or loss in shipments are usually extremely rare, we strongly recommend taking out insurance to be eligible for a claim in the event of any problem with the shipment. In any case, it will be the buyer’s decision.

Kitarshokak cannot take responsibility for breakages or damage caused by the transport agency if the insurance has not been contracted.

To contract the insurance you will have to inform us at the time of formalizing the purchase.

Note: For purchases made with PayPal as a product or any other platform that mediates in the same way, shipping insurance will be mandatory and will be applied with the consequent surcharge.
Yes, we always ship with tracking except shipments that are out of the usual logic (for example a shipment that costs the same or more than the item to be sent in which we will choose a shipment without tracking and buyer´s responsability. In these cases or similar you will have to ask us implicitly that we ship with tracking and pay for it). If you need the tracking number feel free to ask us. 😉
Yes. We usually ship all over the world so…why not? Contact us to study your particular case and see the best shipping option.
No. The buyer is responsible for the taxes that Customs may impose on the shipment & article when the package goes into the country of destination. Please consult the regulations of your country in relation to Spain before making an international order from outside the European Union.
The online purchase can be made through Paypal, Bizum or deposit / bank transfer. Keep in mind that payment through Paypal as a product/service has a surcharge of 3.4% + €0.35 which will be added to the final total amount. If you want avoid Paypal´s surcharge you could pay as a gift.

Obviously, you can also came to our facilities to make the purchase on the spot and pay in cash.
Completely. Our website shows the comments and photos of many of the customers (some well-known professional musicians) who have dealt with us, which will give you confidence and security. You can also call us by phone, contact us through our social networks, watsapp… and see all the gear available to sell, rent… Our intention is to live from our passion not to scam anyone.
The articles come as they are described in each article description, so it is important to read in detail what is explained in it. We understand that adjusting certain items in one way or another would make the final price more expensive, in addition to the fact that it might not be the orientation that the buyer would like to give to the item in question, requiring a disbursement after the purchase. However, there are items for sale tuned and ready for use.
Yes, in fact there is a section dedicated to them. We sell second-hand accessories and to a lesser extent, some new ones.
Yes. All items shown include actual photos and are in as-sold condition. These photos are part of items´ description. We do not use third-party photos, they are photos of the item you will have and in its specific condition.
Yes, except for those that explicitly state that VAT is charged separately.

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