Guitar lessons in Kitarshokak

This week I published one of my guitar students, in this case of electric guitar, on social networks to make visible the global service that Kitarshokak offers and not make it seem like a mere store of musical instruments, my intention is to go further. And I say electric guitar because it is typical to think that it is better to start with classical guitar (or Spanish as it is usually called) and then move on to electric guitar. Obviously they
are both guitars, but entered into the worlds of each one, they don't have much to do with each other. And the thing is that while one of them is already individually everything that one works with (the classical one) the other is an ELECTRIC guitar (which many seem to forget) and therefore only with the instrument does one become lame because the other part of the equation is missing, the amplifier. And obviously choosing one or the other will make our paths go one way or the other…In addition, the electric guitar is full of tricks and nuances derived from the fact that it is just that, ELECTRIC and needs an amplifier.

That said, in my opinion it is clear that if someone wants to learn to play the electric guitar, start directly with it. And in my case I give the option of not only learning to play the electric guitar but also interacting with different types of amplifiers and different types of guitar to draw conclusions about how one feels, what one likes the most, etc. …finding oneself. I also give a lot of importance to playing the little that is played well, not to running down the neck without even being able to sound a chord properly, to positioning the hands ergonomically, attacking the notes well…

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