Ernie Ball Volume Pan Stereo


Stereo volume pedal well known worldwide among the most serious musicians thanks to its robustness. Interesting to be able to make backgrounds in the style of keyboards and synthesizers that also gives the possibility of using it to pan two amplifiers in stereo and regulate their mix. Imagine a clean amp and an overdriven amp, one with effects and the other without, etc…or turn up the volume of both amps at the same time. If only that is already interesting, it should be noted that it differs from the control volume of the instrument that we use (guitar for example) because we can insert it in the place of the chain that we want, for example, behind the pedal distortions, with which we will be raising the volume of the guitar + distortion and not only of the guitar and before the distortion with which the effect achieved will be different.

Valid for active and passive instruments.


  • Stereo
  • Stereo pannable
  • 500K potentiometer
  • does not need feeding

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