Marshall JCM800 1982 4×12 ´89 (Celestion G12H-100)


An angled cabinet of a rock-metal character with a lot of history since it belonged to the well-known heavy-metal Basque Country band Su Ta Gar. From practically start of band, 1990, until 2012 I think. The silkscreen that indicates the band’s name is from the time of “Hortzak Estuturik”, their second album. It was brought to us by Xabi Bastida, the band’s guitarist, when they decided to switch to Mesa Boogie cabs (you can see in video below). It is the perfect combo to give a more aggressive touch to a rock amp or to rock an amplifier with excess gain so that it cuts better in the mix. These speakers were mounted on the first Diezel brand screens as we understand. Not in vain did Diezel begin making Marshall modifications on which he based himself to create his own amplifiers. The cab indicates the exact point where it was miked for both recordings and live shows of Su ta Gar. The handles were changed to metal and the rear jack panel was also changed for more robustness and security, I understand. This is how it arrived at Kitarshokak, with all its history and descent.


  • Power: 400 watts
  • Speakers: Celestion G12H-100 vintage ’89
  • Input impedance: 16 ohms


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