Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 2 Channel 90´s


This is the first two-channel version of this famous amp that has written metal history from the 90s to the present day. This version is the one pursued by the most knowledgeable followers of this amp. It has a more defined, rock and inspiring character than the later three-channel version, but it is still valid for the powerful sounds in which it unfolds like a fish in water. Its kicky, fat grainy and not overly compressed saturated sound (which easily cuts through the mix) is intended primarily for metal sounds both in standard tuning and in lower tunings. It is also a versatile amp thanks to its great clean of Fender descent and a lot of dynamics which allows you to play any style being a good base for pedals and effects.

Used by musicians like Metallica, Nickelback, Los del Tonos… for styles as disparate as heavy, thrash, death, brutal death, high voltage rock, modern rock, blues, power-pop…


  • – Power: 100w in class A/B
  • – 2 channels: rhythmic and lead selectable by footswitch and with different types of timbres
  • – 5 12AX7 preamp valves
  • – 4 power valves 6L6
  • – Output impedance: 4, 8 and 16 ohms


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