In our Studio section we offer professional possibility to get better tracks that you have recorded at your home or rehearsal room, obtain more different sounds and build different sound layers, give another sound colour or have access to vintage/classic reamplifying with our Backline.

With it you could get better guitars, basses, voices, drums…through our preamps, compressors, amplifiers, cabinets, microphones, pedals…taking your songs to another dimension.


  • Recording of your tracks in computer through DI
  • Pay attention in tuning and playing of your tracks removing plugins that you could have used to hear problems easier and clearer


We need you send next files for we can start with reamplification through WETRANSFER to

  • Track or tracks to reamplification (24bits – 48kHz quality)
  • A sketch of finished song for we can have an idea about sound (It does not matter quality)
  • A stereo track with the instruments that recorded reamplification will have join (It does not matter quality)

When you have sent us tracks fill this formulary. We need to know:

  • Complete name, info & ID to make an invoice
  • What sound you are looking for
  • How many tracks do you need
  • What gear of our Backline do you want that we will use to do reamplification: microphones, preamps, compressors, amplifiers, cabinet, pedals…


  • Price of reamplification service is related with rates of Studio section. Push here to know them
  • Pay start deposit (50€) to start with job through Bizum in our phone number 665 732 640 (If you don´t have Bizum, contact us). You will need to write a concept in payment which we could identify is for you.
  • Reamplification will start when we have money in our account, never before of it.
  • We will send you to your e-mail a sample or samples in mp3 format to fix if it is you are looking for. We can follow getting better sound until you will be happy with sound. From third sample (third sample with different settings) we will need to pay other 50€ to follow with process. When you will say to us that sound is ok we will reamplify all tracks.
  • Next we will say to you total cost through e-mail and we send to you final tracks when payment will be cleared in 24 bits – 48 kHz quality


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