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Below are wrote all the conditions of all the sale / exchange management options that we offer in Kitarshokak updated on the indicated date. You can know them by clicking on each title of them to display the information.
We know that they are very long but they include all the options and services that we provide in this regard and define the way each one works. In them you can sell or trade your products through us with exclusivity or without it, you can have the item with you while it is sold, bring your items so that we can take pictures only (only for items that are sold through us), ask us for a packaging service, fine-tuning of your item before sell, we could mediate between two buyer & seller to bring to fruition a sale that is not carried out due to lack of confidence… and we could also go to your location to make a sale inventory of your items.


This way of working at Kitarshokak is aimed to providing a service with many easiness, few ties and minimal commitment to the owner.

The idea is that the owner is not tied to any exclusivity and can freely sell the item on their own but have the advantages of comfort and greater possibilities with us at the same time. We also want to do it with a much lower tax than usual on any other shop (12%). For this can be possible, fixed costs will be charged for the job of publication, attention, disclosure… taking into account the time that has been spent on them.

It is the system that we recommend, the system with which the owner will have a greater benefit most of the time. (Obviously we can also buy your gear but we will do it at a considerably lower price than the resale price, as if it were a pawnshop and depending on the specific moment)

It can be only a simple publication job with your pictures sent through our e-mail up to a 100% complete job that includes a displacement on our side, pictures, pricing, classification…of a large combination of items.

Owner will have total freedom to sell his/her item at any time and without the need to pay any cost added to the fixed costs in the event that this will be the situation. The only thing we need is to be notified so that we can remove the article from the web and other places that we have been able to publish it.
If owner prefers to keep the item until a potential buyer takes a firm interest and use it in the meantime. Obviously, you must notify any change in the status of the article that may have happened since it was published.

– Exclusivity in pictures: We do not request exclusivity for sale but we do request pictures. Current condition pictures are required and they have never been used or will be used to publish in other sites. They can only be used by Kitarshokak. If the sale is made exclusively by Kitarshokak, this section is not taken into account.

It is best to visit our website to get an idea of ​​the type of pictures that we believe are the most suitable for sale: It is necessary that they are well focused and defined, with a uniform white background (at first white sheet could work), and in which there are no items that are not included with the item being sold in order to avoid confusion. Only the item to be sold and the accessories, manuals… included, nothing else and of good quality.

It is necessary to send plenty of pictures to we could choose them later. If possible taken with daylight. Good pictures help a lot in the sale. Always sent to our e-mail so they don’t lose quality. We do not publish photos with poor quality or sent through our watsapp.

You can also send or bring the items to our facilities so that we can take the pictures on site. We will charge that time and then you can take it with you.

We recommend knowing if the owner is going to share his/her item online and in what places so that we do not overlap and be detrimental to the sale/exchange of the item, so it is important that you tell us.

– Information, papers and accessories included with the article in question: serial number, brand and specific model, exhaustive state of the article, if it includes purchase and/or repair and/or service invoices, manuals, keys, accessories…

– Trades: indicate what specific changes may be of interest in exchange for the item for sale. The chances of success increase if what is sought is to buy another item with the money from the sale, making it possible to also achieve it through exchange. The fees charged are the same as if it had been sold. Each specific case will be studied to determine who pays it, if it is half-paid, etc…

– Proof of legality: try to fill out a document (Kitarshokak will provide it) saying that the item is not stolen and is the property of the aforementioned owner. You must attach a picture of the both sides of your ID document and another picture of the signed and completed document.

– Review (in case the instrument is at owner’s home): before sending the item, review it to see that everything is as described in the sales publication

– Packaging: in the event that the item is at owner’s home, we would explain how to pack it economically but functionally

– Notification of price reduction by the owner: if it is lowered by him so that the price on the web will be adjusted if necessary

– Notification of sale by owner: if you have sold it or no longer want to sell it to remove it from sale. Please be serious with this section and take into account our effort to keep the catalogue updated and give potential buyers the greatest possible seriousness.

– Owner information: Name, location and telephone number. Specify if there is any problem with schedules to send/receive the material or any necessary consideration


They must be paid in advance.

– Publication: €25 per article (a better price will be offered for two or more articles)

– Item sale notice deposit: €25 for an item or group of items. This money will be returned once we have sold all of a customer’s items or they have notified us that they are no longer for sale. If we are the ones who contact you to ask, we will keep it.

If someone prefers us to take the pictures and sends or brings the items, these fixed costs should be added:

– Pictures, publication, description, disclosure…: €15 per article (a better price will be made for two or more articles)

– Reception and material test: €15 per item (a better price will be made for two or more items)

-Material return delivery: €15 per item (a better price will be made for two or more items)


They will be deducted from the money collected from the sale once it is done.

– Commission for an item sold or traded: 12% commission of the agreed sale price (minimum of €12 per item) for both trade and sale. The commission could also be higher depending on the final sale price or what the owner wants to earn, as long as there is room for action to be able to set a consistent sale price and maintaining a minimum 12% commission. The sales commission is charged once the item is sold, from the money of the sale.
It is always better to have an article on hand so that anyone interested can try it and buy it in our facililities on the spot. (Depending on space availability and type of article). This system of sale doesn´t need advancement of money for publication but the owner will have pay some fixed expenses whether or not it is sold through us, in addition to the sales commission (12%) in case it is sold through us.

For the sections of “Information, papers and accessories included with the article in question”, “Trades, “Proof of legality” and “Notification of price reduction by the owner” will be the same conditions as in section 1.1


There are not necessary to pay in advance. They will be deducted from the money collected for the sale once made.

– Occupied space rental. It will be charged according to the dimensions and weight of an article. Some examples:

+ Effects: 1€/month

+ Guitars: 3€/month

+ Amps Head: 3€/month

+ Combos: 5€/month

+ Cabs: 7€/month

+ Drums: 12€/month

Cases not covered in these prices will be roughly evaluated by reference to these examples.

– Insurance of the material that is in our facilities: in Kitarshokak we are responsible with the material of our property as well as with that of third parties. We know how much it has cost to acquire it and the esteem that is held for it, but we cannot take care of external reasons such as theft, fire, weather… so it is necessary to take out insurance which would cover any eventuality. Your item will be attached to our inventory and under our property insurance. (Insurance rate example: €50 for annual insurance (12 months) against fire, theft, electrical damage…for an article of €1,000 of value. For other periods and amounts we will use a rule of three)

Both the space rent and the insurance will be priced taking as a reference the date of publication on our Facebook and from then on. The insurance will therefore be non-working and will not cover any concept before the publication of the article.

– Photos, publication, description, disclosure…: €15 per article (a better price will be made for two or more articles)

– Reception and testing of material: €15 per article (a better price will be made for two or more items)

– Packing: the cost of this is borne by the buyer


They will be deducted from the money collected for the sale once made.

– Commission for an item sold or exchanged: 12% commission of the agreed sale price (minimum of €12 per item) for both exchange and sale. The commission could also be higher depending on the final sale price or what the owner wants to earn, as long as there is room for action to be able to set a consistent sale price and maintaining a minimum 12% commission. The sales commission is charged once the item is sold, from the money collected.
We also give the option of selling exclusively with us to people who do not want to be governed by the conditions of the non-exclusive method. In this case, they will not have to pay any expenses in case it is not sold through Kitarshokak, but they will have to meet certain conditions that are described in the section of operation.

– The article must be in our facilities. If it is a group of articles, it will be enough to have enough articles that have a value greater than 30% of the commission of the entire set of articles.

– The period of possession of the item exclusively for sale and/or exchange will be 1 year

– The sale price will be defined by Kitarshokak

– Kitarshokak may lower the item without asking about it with owner

– The commission will be 30% of the agreed price (for items outside Kitarshokak premises) and 30% of the sale price (it could be reduced) for those sold by Kitarshokak

– Once sold, Kitarshokak will contact the owner to make the payment

– If the owner sells the item on his own during the exclusivity period contracted with Kitarshokak, he will also be charged the 30% commission
In addition to the matching sections of the other sections, for which the same conditions will be taken into account, doing this type of work entrails other fixed costs:


They must be paid in advance, before displacement. An estimate of the time and distance of displacement required will be made. At the end of the daily shift (if it is more than one day) the remainder will be charged or returned.

– Displacement to the place: €0.50/km (tolls apart)

– Time spent: €20/h

In this time will include taking pictures of all items. The editing of the pictures, pricing… will be done a posteriori and will be charged separately in the same way (€20/h)

It will be defined at the beginning of the service if it will be with or without exclusivity.
– Collection of sale or exchange: the collection of the item sold or exchanged will be made by Kitarshokak in its account or in cash if it is sold in situ. Payment to the owner will be made once the buyer receives the product and gives the ok (the item received is as agreed and everything works fine) within a maximum period of 15 days from receipt (also for items sold in situ). If the contrary is not stated, it is sold at the agreed price with the owner and the buyer pays the shipping costs if they are necessary. There is the possibility of direct shipment to the buyer or shipment to a knowledgeable tech to verify that everything is 100% ok for both parties (also for the items that are in our dependencies). Those costs will be payed by one or both sides, buyer and/or owner.

– Payment option in several installments: for our articles, we offer the option of payment in three months without taxes or even more, depending on the total amount or the negotiation in question. Obviously, until payment is completed, the item is not shipped or picked up. If the sale is not in a hurry and you also want to offer this payment option, let us know so that we can reflect it in your article, as it will increase the chances of success in a shorter period of time.
– Fine-tuning of the gear before selling it: we also offer the option of fine-tuning of your instrument, amplifier, etc… It will be quoted in advance before carrying out any work. The diagnosis budget will entail a minimum cost if it is not finally accepted (around €30-40, depending on the type of item, problem, dimensions and weight). The period for the service will depend on the technician’s workload at all times.

– Mediation between individuals: if you have closed a deal with another individual but you do not trust what may happen and neither of you takes the step. Don’t worry, we can mediate the sale/exchange. The cost of mediation is also 12% with a minimum of €25.

– Transport of difficult or heavy items: our experience makes it possible to carry out practically all conceivable shipments in a safe and economical way, which is why we also provide this service. Important note: For claims of damaged items, insurance will not work if there is no invoice for the item shipped. For any problem that may exist in the shipment, Kitarshokak will mediate with the transport company and the sender, putting them in direct contact if it thinks it is better or necessary.

– Packaging: in addition to items in our facilities, we also provide this service for items that only require packaging because you have already sold them. We would charge money for it depending on the item in question. To get an idea and as an example:

+ Pedals and small accessories: €5

+ Heads and medium items: €25-30

+ Cabinets and large items: €45-50

+ Drums and similar: €65

Minimum cost: €25

These prices include the packaging material and its storage so that it can be used when necessary, as well as the time required to pack it correctly. We offer our experience in packaging. No proof of correct operation or other check are included. If this service is required this cost will be charged apart from.
– The management conditions are non-negotiable

– VAT of 21% must be added to the costs

– The owner will pay the cost of certain works in advance.

– Subsequent modifications of this sales management will not modify these conditions for the people with whom it has stayed like this, both in terms of commissions and charges and general conditions, so they are fixed and immovable conditions in all senses. It is important that the owner keep these conditions safe to clarify any possible doubts that may arise.

– Kitarshokak will mediate to reach a successful outcome with any problem related to the item sold, shipping, etc… since we understand that it is part of our mediation service and that we must be who, objectively, reach the most logical solution for both sides.

– Responsibility for the period of stay in our facilities and control of fixed costs rest with the owner, so you should be alert to consult Kitarshokak if you should lower the price, withdraw it… or what option would be the most appropriate at a given time.

– Minimum period of stay in Kitarshokak facilities: 6 months

– Maximum period of stay in Kitarshokak facilities: 18 months

To start with the sales management, the owner must send us the following signed contracts:

– The owner will have to sign all the sheets of the conditions that he has chosen and send us a photo of all of them to have his ok regarding this way of working. It will be taken as a contract. Kitarshokak will email it to you for signature.

– Signed agreement and pictures of the front and back of the ID number stating that the item in question has been obtained through legal ways. Kitarshokak will email it to you for signature.

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