Before recording:

  • We think is necessary to know the original idea of the project, what is sought with it.
  • It If it is possible, sending us a sample of the songs to record would help us to have an closest idea of project. If not, we could go to your rehearsal facility and evaluate the songs to be recorded and other important factors.
  • A work process is defined and a budget is estimated
  • A forecast in advance is recommended, not thinking in recording urgently, to be able to take the appropriate improvement actions if necessary. A space of one or two months before recording is usually necessary and depending on the situation, more time in advance may be necessary. During this time, we could work on improving individual technique, the cohesion of the instruments, the improvement and production of the songs, etc … if necessary.


  • Have metronome sense internalized by each musician
  • Have the parts to play well clear and defined
  • Play in tune (and have the instrument and technic ready to it)
  • Evaluate in consideration the part of our pre-production in the local, studio or through the internet, not going into the recording directly. Time spent recording will be saved and the possibility of musician´s frustration will be reduced if there is done a previous work. The final result will improve paying special attention to the interpretation, the magic of the moment of recording… This process will serve to evaluate the need to improve, implement concrete improvement actions…with an fresh and objective point of view from out of the music band.

Work Methodology

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