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Below is the list of items that Kitarshokak accepts in exchange for items that are in the Buy section (To learn more about which ones are visit the Kitarshop / Trade / What is it about? section by clicking here). Do you have any of these items and want to exchange it for an item from the Buy section? Fill in the form after the list!:


    • DPA 4099 acoustic guitar system
    • Vintage Fender 2×12 (without speakers)
    • 1 Jensen P10R (8 ohms) original vintage 50s-60s
    • Piccolo snare
    • TC Helicon Voicelive 3
    • Arbiter Fuzz Face vintage-original
    • Cesar Diaz Texas Square Face
    • Throbak Strangemaster
    • B.K. Butler Tube Driver
    • Boss RC-30
    • Fender Bassman ´59 original vintage
    • Fender Jazzmaster USA
    • Fender Cabronita Telecaster
    • Fender Nocaster Telecaster
    • Gibson ES-175
    • Vintage Guild USA 12 strings acoustic guitar
    • JBL LSR32 monitors
    • Neumann U87
    • Neumann 149
    • Neve 1073
    • Avalon 737
    • UREI 1176LN
    • Distressor EL8

In general, we are interested in vintage and classic gear such as Urei, Neumann, Neve, Celestion, Gibson, Fender, Vox, Marshall, Orange, Hi-watt …

We also listen to other proposals and offers …


Fill in the following contact form providing as much information as possible and including two or three pictures of the article (with the “Browse” button) that you want to offer us:

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