Vintage Gear Tour: Anje´s Visit

Anje came to buy some sets of guitar strings and a Kitarshokak t-shirt as well as get a taste of Kitarshokak’s Vintage Gear Tour. Knowing that he likes blues, I connected him the Fender Stratocaster SRV (with handmade pickups) and the ’79 Fender Deluxe Reverb (with old production tubes selected by me in preamp and stage…it is not the result of chance that sound like this…). To make the pairing supreme, I connected them through a good Evidence Lyric HG cable. Then I inserted a Colorsound Overdriver from the 70s (In Kitarshokak I have two so keep an eye out because one could go on sale at any time!!) so that Anje could taste the amplifier character it has in addition to its fuzz nature if you take it beyond. A box full of inspiration. Not in vain was he the inspiration of Jeff Beck or Dave Gilmour…

Anje has a good blues touch, as you can see in the videos I recorded. !! Congratulations!!

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