When someone is a caregiver and is conditioned

It is something that I have never said on networks or the internet but in addition to Aitor, manager of Kitarshokak and in love with all this, I am also my mother´s caregiver (my amatxo as we Basque speakers say). 

A situation that vitally conditions me to be able to expand with Kitarshokak or even in my personal life. In my house it is already the second experience we have in this sense since my father (aita) suffered a stroke at the age of 52 which triggered a situation of disability that lasted for 18 years and which worsened as the years passed (although there were also good moments within it). 

So let´s say I also have the title of trainee nurse…and I´m also a little burned out on the subject. My mother has a degenerative neurological disease in which the decline that a person can have is a clear reflection and in which I see myself as a mirror watching how I grow older. It´s hard to see how this life works. The only good thing so far is that he keeps his head well. 

Something crucial in my opinion although also very hard at times (anyone who has suffered something like this will understand me). I wanted to share this with you because this way you can better understand my way of functioning, how I am, etc… and it is part of who I am and what I also offer through Kitarshokak.

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