Other services

At Kitarshokak want to offer a comprehensive service for you, from musician to musician, trying to make up for all your needs or problems that arise.

In this section you can find more services in addition to already explained services in the other sections. You could also propose the need for a new service that we do not offer through our contact form.

Among the different services that we can offer you, are:

      • Sale management of your items
      • Sale management of your batches of articles moving to your place if it is needed for pictures, check gear …
      • Search for gear you want
      • Taking pictures, videos and audios of the items you want to sell
      • Intermediation between purchase-sales-changes of individuals
      • Personal Shop Assistant. If you want to buy from your side but you want we advise you
      • Itinerant talks / demos about the equipment mainly oriented to the electric guitar. Sound demo and explanation of Kitarshokak’s vintage-classical philosophy. If you want to carry out an event different from the usual ones and you work in an association, school or City Council, it may be an interesting  option for you!
      • Talk / Itinerant demo of start to the recording and creation of music with computer. Ideal if you want your students, partners…learn to record and create their ideas. If you work in an association, school or City Council, it may be an interesting option for you! Check availability online
      • Itinerant sales stand. We can go wherever you want to offer our Store services (Buy-Sell-Change).
      • Vintage Gear Tour. Take a tour of Kitarshokak, enjoying and learning with our backline
      • Band and individual sound and performance consulting by phone, in our facilities or in your facilities
      • Optimal arrangement of instruments and amplifiers in rehearsal and live rooms
      • Assembly and advice of home-studios
      • Repair and tuning of instruments, amplifiers, etc…
      • Restoration of your instruments, amplifiers, etc…
      • Teaching. We can give personalized classes for acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, recording and composition of contemporary music at the basic and basic-medium levels. In our studio or your home. Check availability online
      • Audio composition for commercials, spots, radio …
      • Creation and recording of guitars, basses, keyboards… online or in person to arrange your songs or dress them
      • Organization of events and concerts
      • Contracting of the Ni Neu musical project
      • Storytelling in Basque for children
      • Roadie or road manager

It will be necessary you consult us about the operating conditions and availability of each service because each of them requires a more specific detail of the service and budget. As a guide, you can find the rates in Other Services / Terms of Use.

We leave you this form for any questions or if you are looking for another type of service that we do not specify here but you think we could help you:

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