The range of equipment we offer is varied and contrasted. We have carried out and carry out many tests and comparisons until we have gotten the equipment that we currently have. It is not the result of chance but of testing, comparison, learning, reading … and above all of our great passion and enjoyment of achieving a sound that makes our hair stand on end, full of emotion and inspiration.


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Nowadays it is made up of 2 Quested H108 powered by a Hafler P1500 Transnova power amp, 2 ATC SMC11 (or some Reftones, the ones in the image, if these are needed) powered by an ADCROM 535 MKI power amp and a Bluesky 12″ powered subwoofer. In addition we have three headphones to have several references of this type of system: Ultrasone HFI550, Beyerdinamic DT100 and AKG K240.

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Keep in mind that putting a very good recording chain (mics and high-end preamps) after a mid-bass quality instrument will hardly help to achieve a great sound. It is essential to start from a very good instrument, amplifier, etc … This is why we do not want to condition our recordings with not so good gear and we offer you the best backline selection.

We have the gear with which the most important recordings have been made worldwide and throughout history. In our backline you have the used equipment (in many cases the same models that they use or used, vintage and / or classics not clones, replicas or similar, exactly the same) by Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin, The Who , David Gilmour from Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, AC / DC, Van Halen, The Hellacopters, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, The Edge from U2, Brian May from Queen, Rory Gallagher, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Fito and Fitipaldis, Carlos Raya, Machine Head, Cradle of Filth, Kyuss, Queen of Stone Age … and so on until a long et cetera …

In all recordings the drums are a fundamental part of the final sound. For this reason, and although our orientation is eminently guitarist, we do not stop paying attention to this indispensable instrument. We have 5 different snares (including a Ludwig Black Beauty and an Acrolite 60’s) and a first class drum kit, a Yamaha OAK Custom.

If we speak about amplified instruments, speaker is one of the most important part of final sound of a guitar, bass, harmonica, keyboard …becaus it is for where the sound comes out. That’s why we have a collection of 13 vintage and classic guitar and bass cabinets with up to 17 different vintage and classic speakers and you could become inspired, record, investigate, learn…with them.

STUDIO > Equipment and Facilities


You can never make a good salad with a  bad main ingredients and an unbeatable dressing, but if you have good ingredients, that dressing can maximize their flavour. At Kitarshokak we have that extra virgin olive oil in the form of effects, pedals … that your first level salad needs.


To make the most of our backline we have interesting accessories such as a Marshall Powerbrake (an attenuator to tame our tube monsters a bit) or a Marshall SE100 (a Swiss army knife in the form of an attenuator, charge box for recording without a cabinet, etc. ..), a Weber Z-Matcher (impedance adapter to be able to use any head with any cabinet; 4 Ω Fender Tremolux + 16 Ω Marshall 4×12 greenbacks for example), a Radial reamplification system (allows re-recording by several amplifiers pre-recorded clean signals with an injection box without need of play and play. It is possible re-record through an online service too ) or the two Palmer (speaker simulators with charging box and line output) that allow us to directly record two guitar players without the need of cabinets.STUDIO > Equipment and Facilities

It is no less important to say that our amplifiers mount vintage preamp tubes in many of them and have been compared with new tubes and other vintage ones until they achieve the best tone of each one of them (they already have it, but they have been taken to another dimension as well). Mullard, Brimar, Tunsgram, Svetlana and many others are our faithful companions.

STUDIO > Equipment and Facilities

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