NI NEU – My musical project

NI NEU my musical projectNi Neu, the reason for all this

The group and the need of the person

After several musical experiences in groups that range from Thrash Metal to Pop-Rock through Folk Fussion and in which I am an active part of the compositions, I feel that I need to capture my ideas leading the integral musical direction either in studio or direct. In all of them I have learned various practical questions that help me to be what I am today. The recordings, the live shows… they have all contributed something important to me.

In this way I create my personal project which I name Ni neu (Myself in Euskara, my mother tongue), which is an expression that is used a lot and that, although part of oneself and a priori seems narcissistic, it encompasses all people, since, in my opinion, all part of the oneself in order to reach a healthy, creative, involved society … being the issues of the individual in many cases universal and part of society and a common problem, shared by all. It is a project which will be active intermittently but which will accompany me for life, in one way or another.

My ideas, the engine that moves my being

I currently have in mind to sit down with my project to present a work in the not too far future. I also have other ideas waiting me that I hope to go working in them little by little. It is not easy to dedicate time to them due to the volume of work (and the time I dedicate to learning how to improve the sound of many factors involved in the final result) that the Kitarshokak initiative gives me but I want to translate them so that they can be heard by you!


                                                                                                                                              NI NEU my musical project






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