Who we are?

I´m Aitor S. B., Kitarshokak´s manager which have changed my living philosophy forever.

Since childhood I have been a music lover almost without knowing it. At my home my family and me always listened to a local radio which I gave me the opportunity to listen to a very great diversity of nearby and international music.

Once rock, heavy, metal … came to me there was no way to stop until I formed a first band with friends and acquaintances from my area. Two local bands were one of my biggest motivations for this: Su Ta Gar and Dankrat.

I have been part of groups of very different styles (metal, folk-fusion, pop-rock …) such as Kafha, Flipin Folk or Nahixan, learning in all of them various practical questions that help me to be what I am today. The recordings, the live shows…have  contributed  in my knowledge. I have had the pleasure of sharing live stage with Koma, El Sueño de Morfeo, Gwendal, Su Ta Gar, Bernard Butler, King Mafrundi, La Polla, Eraso, Berri Txarrak, Oskorri, EH Sukarra, Watcha …

I am currently immersed in my musical project called Ni Neu.

When I discover that sound is an essential part of musical expression

Who we are?

Over time I learn that the backline and sound is an essential part of a composition because according to backline´s feedback, in this way is how you will play and will express yourself. I realize that the feeling of good gear can help you to give much more of yourself. A good transmitter is essential to transfer from head to hands what you feel!!! In addition to this, as you have seen for yourself, you do not feel the same wearing a suit as jeans. Although you are still the same, you feel different, so it is important to choose the right instrument for what you want to achieve.

Thinking about in this idea it occurs to me that I can contribute something of interest in addition to my music, giving service to other musicians making them can grow and  I can live from my passion. This is for what I create the Kitarshokak initiative focused on providing comprehensive services to musicians. Obviously, this has also made me grow and be constantly growing. Constant learning!

Kitarshokak is something more…

…since we would be nothing if there would be no one on the other side.

Kitarshokak’s customers include musicians from bands such as Ken Zazpi, Gatibu, Eskean Kristo, Su Ta Gar, EH Sukarra, Lorelei, Estigia, Berri Txarrak, SA, Legen Beltza, Sober, Medina Azahara, Carlos Raya, Haritz Harreguy, The Groovies, Rolando Salgado, S-kape, Suede… Or also people from other fields differents of music like, for example, Reyes Prados (TV presenter). Below you can see photos of some of them:

And we work or have worked with technicians and companies such as Oskar Toneamp, Jon Ikazategi, Pedro Vecino, Toni Fayós, Juan Brieva, Teknitube, Beteramp

In addition, we cannot forget all the people who have supported me so that Kitarshokak becomes what it is today:

  • Aitor Carbajo for his dedication to this website
  • Joseba “Arno”, Josean Carrasco, Iñaki Lejardi and Aritz Taberna for the photos
  • Oskar Toneamp for the poison of the real thing & vintage
  • Jon Ikazategi, Iza Teknitube, Toni Fayós, Igor Arrieta…
  • J.I. Valls for helping with english
  • To all of you who have ever dealt with Kitarshokak to buy, sell, trade, rent, test, record… and have somehow kept this going (that I do not name explicity but have been or are suporting Kitarshokak)

…and above all the support and patience of my dear mommy, without whom all this would not have been possible.


                                                      Thanks and a hug to everyone!

                                                                                                                                                                                                Who we are?


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