Ei ecc83/12ax7


Well known for being the most similar to the famous Telefunken ecc83 60’s because it was manufactured with the same machinery that was manufactured but by Elektronska Industrija in the former Yugoslavia.

This is the gray plates model, with higher quality sound.

It is a very interesting tube for Vox amplifiers or to improve the sound quality of Marshall, Orange… or any other you can imagine, making them sound more classic and with mojo for not much money. It is recommended to use it especially in heads because they have a tendency to be microphonic when mounted in combos (this factor is not so important in heads for obvious reasons).

Price per unit. Several units available.


Condition: good, used but playing and working without problems. Several units available. Preamp tubes are always checked in an amp head to verify they are in shape and sound right just before packaging. If you want to see for yourself what changes happen in sound of your amplifier due to tube changes, come to Kitarshokak to learn and enjoy it through our Vintage Gear Tour!

NOTE: Tube manufacturers do not always correspond to the brand printed on them because, for example, a specific Mullard perhaps was not manufactured by Mullard but by another company that made them even though there were also Mullards evidently manufactured by Mullard. And so with many models and brands of tubes. Some of the tubes I have have a different silkscreen although they are manufactured by the factory named in the title. It is somewhat irreverent because it is the same tube but I think it is interesting to note this. If the screen printing is important to you, let me know, if not it is possible that you receive the same tube model but with a different silkscreen.

Trades are accepted. To know more about it click here. 

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