Maxon D&S II OD802 Vintage ´70s


Previous to the TS808/TS9 and with a slightly more grainy sound, more “imperfect”, less predictable than them, situated between an overdrive and distortion with a fuzzy character where its magic lies. If you are looking for something beyond a TS it could be your option. Its sound is based on germanium diodes which give a warmer, rounder and more natural sound than silicon ones. In addition, the circuit is based on taking into account the low frequencies, so it handles these frequencies better than the typical overdrives. You could achieve very interesting sounds with a clean sound base with our Fender or Gretsch guitars in combination with our Fender amps or to “warm up” some of our vintage Marshalls in combination with a Gibson differentiating yourself from the hackneyed overdrive sounds. Our D&S II is upgraded to true-bypass.

This model or its cousin-brother the SD9 have been used by Mike Landau, Scott Henderson…


  • Power supply 9v DC with negative center or battery
  • Controls: Distortion, Level and Tone
  • true bypass

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