Hiwatt DR-103 (Flight case) + 4×12 AP SE4121 Fane vintage 70´s

For sale an original Hi-Watt amp set from the 70s consisting of a head and 4×12″ cabinet. Valid for playing with guitar, bass, keyboards… it is a very good sound base to use pedals and effects to achieve supreme sounds (with or without them).

The original HI-WATT sound is a high-quality sound, incredible cleans, sweet, bright, low end with unparalleled definition and roundness with a little touch of gain that gives it incomparable warmth. Also semicrunch, classic British rock overdrive with a very open character. The possibility of switching between the channels of the head gives it a very wide palette of sounds.

The musicians who have used (or/and  nowadays use) HI-WATT for the inspiration of their songs and/or use them live are widely known: Pete Townsed & The Who, David Gilmour & Pink Floyd, Jimmy Page & Led Zeppelin…

DR103 ´74 Harry Joice tube head specifications:

– Manufactured point to point by hand by Harry Joice and his team
– Original Partridge transformers
– Power: 100w in class A/B
– 2 channels with bridgeable high and low sensitivity inputs
– 4 ECC83/12AX7 preamp tubes (2xTung Sol, 1xKundam RFT Vintage, 1xJJ)
– 4 JJ E34L power tubes
– Output impedance: 4, 8 and 16 ohms

This head has the following improvements:

– Fixed current cable so as to avoid the possibility of forgetting for a concert for example
– The fuse holders have been changed for more robust ones
– New electrolytic capacitors

Condition: in very good condition with some signs of use & time. At the circuit and transformer level it is totally original. Selling due to having too much material. Pictures are part of the description.

SE4121 ’75 cabinet specifications:

Original HI-WATT 4×12 cabinet from the 70s, impressive cabinet. A must have if you want to be inspired by HI-WATT sound. One of the best cabinets if not the best. Great sound and brutal aesthetics, the perfect match for your HI-WATT!

– Power: 88 watts
– Impedance: 16 ohms
– Fane 122141 vintage 70’s speakers with 010 003 cone
– Very rigid and laminated Baltic birch construction

Condition: in very good condition with some signs of use & time. The speakers have been protected from the rear to prevent possible breakage and havce an excellent condition of the front side and sound with a very good tone. The pictures are part of the description.

Note: cabinet develops 88 watts in total which is slightly below the 100 watts that the head develops (anyway is very easy remove 2 power tubes from head and play with 50 watts. I explain you if you want it). Due to their low power, they are loudspeakers that sound happier, more expressive and immediate than ones with higher power. Of course, it is important to take into account that although the speakers have tolerance (they admit above what is described) it is convenient to take this information into account to take care of them as they should. We recommend avoid playing clean or lightly overdriven sounds at very high volumes (overdriven sounds are not as dangerous because they are more compressed and do not result in as wide a speaker excursion of speaker due to less dynamics). In any case, you can play at band volume without any problem.

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